The idea of waking up twice a week at 4:30AM is not for the faint of heart, and neither is getting up that early to train with Bryan Barth.  Bryan has been my trainer for nearly a year and a half.  He was referred to me a few months after my divorce, and to say I had neglected my health and fitness during that time is an understatement.

Since I began training with Bryan the results I’ve achieved are largely due to Bryan’s knowledgeable combination of diverse training methods, individualized programs, and straightforward meal plans.  I have seen a vast increase in my strength and energy levels, but more importantly a much improved sense of health and wellbeing.  After just three initial weeks training with him and following his meal plan my body responded.

If you are able to match his dedication and perseverance there is not a goal you cannot achieve.  His extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and clients provides the ideal foundation for success that brings about positive changes for a healthier lifestyle.

I must say, quite frequently during our training sessions the words, “I hate you” escape from me, but if one were to actually decipher the really meaning behind them…  It would be thank you.


bill-w-houston-txHow has training with Bryan affected me?  Simple, it has helped me radically change my life. At age 56 I was well into middle age, working non-stop. I weighed about 230 at 5’-8” with about 30% body fat. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney stones, gout, and the beginnings of a lot of other ailments.

I realized that if I wanted to live an active, healthy life, I would have to make serious changes, I did workout and “diet” on my own and achieved some small success but hit a plateau quickly.  At which point I knew I needed help to progress.  Bryan Barth is a trainer at the gym I go to and stood out for one significant reason.  The people he trained changed, made gains in their looks, strength, and health.  His clients did not go on month after month, year after year looking and performing the same.

He showed them how to make a difference.  I have trained with Bryan Barth for 5 years, added muscle, look great, and most important through his guidance on strength training, nutrition, and cardio, I am off all medications. My blood pressure, cholesterol, strength, and general fitness are excellent. And my body fat is at 9% and we’re working on that. Taking responsibility for my life and training with Bryan Barth are two of the most important and rewarding decisions of my life.


willie-a-houston-txBryan Barth has honestly been a tremendous blessing in my life. The knowledge and wisdom that he has given me to help achieve my fitness goal is unbelievable. With his assistance, i have transformed for a couch potato to an aspiring fitness model. I am one step closer to my goal. I still have a long journey ahead of me and plan to work with the best, Mr. Barth himself!


richard-r-houston-txI have trained with Bryan Barth for the better part of 15 years twice a week during that time. He has been instrumental in helping me gain and retain lean muscle mass along with increasing my metabolism and strength. My endurance and cardiovascular system has had a dramatic increase along with quicker recovery from workouts and even minor injuries.

The training I have received from Bryan over this period has not only made a huge difference physically but also mentally by building my confidence and overall health and sense of well being. I would recommend his training regimen and techniques to anyone who truly wants to achieve optimal results.


I started training with Bryan several months ago. I decided to train with him to help me reach my final fitness goals. I have always worked out but had slacked. Several years ago I committed again and in those years I lost the weight and inches and gained the muscle I wanted. However, I had hit the proverbial plateau. I was still working out but the sculpting I was looking for was not there. In the months I have been working with Bryan he has been working on my nutrition as well and I am seeing the results I am looking for. His techniques and knowledge are outstanding.

I am 40 and have had many injuries to my knees ankles and shoulders. Bryan through the use of light weight, high reps, different angles and changing speeds on reps has been putting me through workouts that are both intense but strangely fun. Additionally the techniques that I am learning from Bryan I have been able to incorporate back into my own workouts and the results are what I want. If you want to have somebody prove they can kick your but with a five lbs weight. Try Bryan.


michelle-h-houston-txI began training with Bryan Sept 2014 with the goal of being able to get back into shape and return to the fitness stage after 11 years away from the sport. Bryan and I discussed my goals and he designed an aggressive nutritional and training program to help me meet those goals. With his personalized approach to my training and lifestyle, both inside and outside of the gym, I exceeded even my own expectations.

I was in better  shape mentally and physically than I have ever been in my life. In  less than 10 weeks Bryan took me from 15% body fat to 4% body fat and got me on stage at age 41 in my first NPC Figure completion. His years of knowledge and experience and his passion for the sport helped drive and motivate me to accomplish something I never could have accomplished on my own. Thanks Bryan for all you do to Inspire me daily in and out of the gym.


angela-pena-spring-texas-barthbuiltI met Bryan in 2006. He had just completed Jr. USA competition and placed 6th. I did not realize what that meant at the time but knew he had the knowledge because he was a solid mass of muscle with very thick large legs. I told him I would like to compete in a figure show and he told me that he could train me to get me in shape to compete.

That is were my journey began. I put my trust in him and I followed the food and training program. 7 months later I was on stage and placing in the top 5 with women half my age. Oh yeah, I was 41 when I started the journey. I forgot to mention that.

He helped me transform my physique from 170 lbs and 28% bodyfat to 128 lbs and 10% bodyfat. It was not easy but nothing worth having in life is. His knowledge passion and dedication to the lifestyle of health and wellness and keeping healthy and fit is surpassed by no one.

If you are thinking or contemplating hiring a coach and or trainer to improve your physique and overall well being fir competition or longevity I would look no farther.

He is, in my opinion, one of the best trainers/coaches you could invest in.

Angela Pena - Spring, Texas

marcy-sandifer-barthbuiltI knew I wanted to compete in NPC Figure Competitions (or at least have a “stage ready” body), but I had no idea where to start. I began my fitness journey a few years ago. I started out with the usual bootcamp class or basic cardio, as most women do not feel comfortable in the weight room surrounded by a bunch of men, or have no idea what to do once they are in there. I decided to hire a personal trainer at my local gym, where I learned the basics in weight lifting and nutrition. I developed a passion for lifting weights.

I would look at fitness models and competitors in magazines and online, and I would dream of having their body and most importantly, their confidence. I began thinking long and hard about fitness competitions- as I have always been a competitive person. I asked my local trainer about helping me, and he pointed me in the direction of Bryan Barth. Bryan lives about three and a half hours from me, and I was hesitant about online training, but after talking to him via telephone, I KNEW without a doubt that he was the coach for me.

I felt like I would be important, that I wouldn’t be just another girl to add to his personal training clientele. I knew together that we would make an excellent team. I was very impressed from the start, he was very detailed in the information he needed from me in order to customize and tailor around my specific wants, needs, daily routine, etc. I remember when I received my first program and meal plan. It was so exciting because it took all of the guess work out of the equation.

I knew I was going in the right direction with Bryan’s knowledge and expertise. You will have your entire day to day diet and exercise routine mapped out for you in fine detail so you will know exactly what is expected of you and also what you should expect from yourself in order to achieve your desired results.

From that point, Bryan leaned me out and brought forth more muscle definition while losing drastic and noticeable body fat. In my pictures, you can clearly see the physical changes, but that is only half the picture, so to speak. My entire mental and emotional attitude changed. I was positive and upbeat and felt so good about myself. I could always count on Bryan for that extra motivation.I truly knew in my heart that he thought I was destined for greatness, and he helped me believe that myself. There is nothing better and more comforting than to have that commitment from your coach/trainer. As long as I was giving him my all, he was always giving me his.

To sum it up, Bryan is a very unique coach as he customizes each meal plan and workout regimen for each client based on their specific needs. He has drastically helped me improve in all aspects mentally, emotionally, and physically. I learned to completely trust his expertise as he is very dedicated and knowledgeable in this field. He not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk in his own everyday life. Having him as my coach was the best decision I ever made.

I gained that fitness model’s confidence (and that body too) that I dreamed of having. It is definitely the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever experienced. As long as you are honest to yourself, you can take Bryan’s knowledge and your discipline and transform your body and life into something you have always wanted and dreamed of.

Marcy Sandifer

success-imageI was introduced to Bryan Barth in 2007 after a trainer at the gym I workout out at complimented my “thickness” and asked if I had ever competed or considered the idea of competition.

Let me back up for a second and give some history. I have been an anorexic/bulimic since I was 5, yes 5. I grew up in a home where I was constantly criticized for my size and weight. That criticism laid the foundation for a disease to take root which almost killed me.

I have been 105 lbs at 5’9 and I have been 257 lbs. Both weights were out of control and dangerous. I was either starving and doing endless hours or cardio or over eating and not moving at all.

Fast forward to my first training session with Bryan, I came to him with a desire to hit the stage and do something I never thought I could do. Bryan established a nutritional and training regime that blew my mind. I thought that I knew how to workout, I thought I knew what it was like to work hard but really I had been settling for much less, I had been a quitter….a quitter.

He saw what I was capable of, he believed that I could do great things, he showed me how to strengthen my body but more importantly he helped me to strengthen my internal foundation.

One time he said something that tapped into my competitive side, he said “Right now someone is working harder than you, someone wants it more than you!” WOAH! That made me mad enough to light a fire in my belly that I didn’t even know existed.
Bryan is fundamentally sound, credible and without a doubt knows what he is talking about.

He was able to do for me what multiple inpatient hospital stays, years upon years of therapy and tons of antidepressants couldn’t do. He believed in me, built me up while kicking my butt, made me dig deeper and made me embrace being uncomfortable.

I hit the stage a few months later and I didn’t “win” anything but in reality I won BIG TIME!! I took that passion and drive and became a CPT and am now helping women to take control of their health and wellness. I am paying it forward.

Bryan Barth has a very very special place in my heart. He without a doubt changed my life, I struggle every single day with my eating disorders. It will never ever ever go away but I now know that I can choose to win every day. He taught me to quit being a quitter, he showed me that I could do some incredibly difficult things, gave me some powerful knowledge and he believed in me until I was able to believe in myself….

I never knew what that felt like but I do now! Thank you my friend, I am better because of you and so are the countless women who now depend on me for the very same things that I depended on you for.

lyn-morgan-barthbuiltWhen I decided to do my first fitness competition and needed a trainer, Bryan Barth’s name was the first to come up. I gave Bryan a mere 92 days to train together before I would walk across the stage. He told me it would be difficult and that I would need to commit 110% as I stood before him weighing 161 pounds with 28% body fat. I never deviated from the evolving diet he provided and I followed every direction he gave me without fail. When I stepped across the stage I was 120 pounds with 5% body fat and placed in two divisions. My focus had been solely on bringing home a trophy that I missed a lot of the wisdom Bryan bestowed upon me along the way.

Bryan is a fierce competitor in the world of bodybuilding and definitely knows nutrition, but what separates him from other trainers is that he really gets to know his clients and is genuinely concerned for their well-being – you aren’t just a number or a client at 1pm, you are a friend. Bryan emphasized to me from day one that bringing home trophies are great and that’s what we all hope for when we compete, but the REAL trophy was my new body. I would recommend Bryan to anyone looking for a trainer who will listen to your goals, formulate a plan to get you there, and be your biggest supporter along the way in building the new you.

Lyn Morgan

orhan-yakin-testimonial-barthbuiltI have know Bryan for a long time. He has always been very helpful. He is extremely experienced.

He understood my problem and we fixed it immediately, just after 7 days I saw a big difference in my body, but also mentally. It’s not just about what you eat. It’s about mental fitness as well.

Orhan Yakin

ismael-guzman-testimonial-barthbuiltVery professional and knowledgeable at what he does. Bryan hasn’t failed me since the day I started my diet and training. Best trainer I ever had.

Ismael Guzman

keilun-hines-barthbuiltOne hell of a personalized dietician. For years I struggled to lose weight and keep it off. I was working out as hard as I could in the gym and eating food that I thought would help me. But once I got with bryan he told me I was not eating enough which was surprising to me because at that time I was was eating at least 4 to 5 meals a day but not the right amounts of calorie intake.

Once I started working with him the inches and pounds began to drop dramatically. Like he say trust the process and have patience. He is a great guy to work with if you are serious about bring out the best body you can build.

Keilun Hines




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