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“If you are able to match his dedication and perseverance there is not a goal you cannot achieve.  His extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and clients provides the ideal foundation for success that brings about positive changes for a healthier lifestyle.” LINDSEY H. – HOUSTON TX
“The training I have received from Bryan over this period has not only made a huge difference physically but also mentally by building my confidence and overall health and sense of well being.” RICHARD R. – HOUSTON TX
“Taking responsibility for my life and training with Bryan Barth are two of the most important and rewarding decisions of my life.” BILL W. – HOUSTON TX




Downloading that New Weight-Loss App may not be as Beneficial as You Think

Millions of people use weight loss and other fitness apps to keep their bodies in shape. But as newer apps hit the market each month, the question of how effective they actually are in helping people control their weight still remains uncertain. In fact, some studies...

Lessons Learned: Opportunities Gained from Suffering a Training Injury.

I know what you're thinking, did he really just say opportunities from incurring an injury? I did. Anyone who plays a sport, or is highly active in some sort of physical activity, goes to the gym on a regular basis. To perform better, be in better shape, or become...

Knowing when to take a break!

The value of brutally accurate self-awareness, and a truthful evaluation of your current physical state, are two of the most valuable abilities an we can have when trying to improve. Even with my overwhelming OCD regarding my nutrition I, like others, am human, and...

Training Injuries

I'd like to talk about injuries. My last major injury in the gym came about a year and a half ago as I was training on the smith machine doing a flat bench variation during chest day. I felt a slight Pop followed by an intense twinge in my left pec (Pectoralis). Now...

Training right after you eat? Some things you might want to consider.

I continue to read different articles and opinions in fitness forums and magazines. Articles about what to eat before, during, and after working out or exercising. There is a vital need for all three of these things to be incorporated in your training. But I will...

Cinnamon why it’s good for you?

Do you enjoy cinnamon in your oatmeal in the morning? I know I do! Why not it's delicious. Cinnamon is a very popular spice in a healthy diet, and used a lot by people in the fitness world. A common spice found in most people's cabinet. It's flavor, is used to sweeten...

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