The value of brutally accurate self-awareness, and a truthful evaluation of your current physical state, are two of the most valuable abilities an we can have when trying to improve. Even with my overwhelming OCD regarding my nutrition I, like others, am human, and sometimes loosen the self-governing chains to enjoy some of life’s many pleasures.

I decided to take a few vacations recently, allow for some much needed mental and physical healing to take place, that’s code for “I partied a little bit.” Okay, I’ll be honest, I partied a lot! But as you can imagine once some update pictures were called for, it was time to reel myself back in, reevaluate, and get back on my regiment. I’m posting this because many of us, myself included have the all or nothing attitude towards our goal, especially fitness oriented. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Well, maybe we all might be a little off our rockers. But speaking from experience, if you were to drive a Corvette 150 mph everywhere you go, all the time, eventually shit’s going to break! It’s OK to ease up sometimes, or even let go for a moment to prevent injury and mental burnout. Allowing yourself some slack, and time off to enjoy yourself, makes the urges and desires to better yourself even more prevalent – and powerfully motivating.

There have been many greats in the upper echelons of all professional sports, who’ve talked about how stepping back and taking a break once in a while made them that much better. I’ll quote the great Ronnie Coleman, “After the Olympia I usually take two to three months off. I don’t do cardio, or touch the weights. Everything still gonna be there when I come back.” To sum it up, we all know what it is to work hard to improve our bodies, but knowing how much to relax, and then when to get back to it, is a discipline in itself. Your body will know what to do, once your mind is ready.


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