Welcome to BarthBuilt Lifestyle Fitness. Please take a moment to explore, and learn about what makes my services so unique. Below is an in depth view of my methods, personal goals, training, and accomplishments that have made me one of the most sought after professional trainers both in the Houston area and online.

Who am I?

A professional personal trainer for over 18 years. I have always had a ravenous appetite for research in all aspects of human performance. My focus is helping you learn, grow, and achieve a healthy fitness lifestyle no matter what your current condition.  My business practice is on nutrition, supplementation, functional training, and strength training.

Early Training

My initial focus as a kid was on strength training.  From the beginning I was a below average, small kid. At a very young age, I often pushed myself to discover my physical limits. Trying to get stronger, doing things like push-ups, pull-ups, and anything I could find to get bigger, stronger, and look like the comic book heroes I read about. Growing up I didn’t have much, actually we had the bare essentials, so, anything physical became the outlet. By the age of 10, I had taken up an interest in long distance running; running a mile every morning for a personal best time. When I started high school, I strived to be one of the fastest long distance runners in track & field events. Even so, I never stopped adding strength training to the total fitness development of my body.

Everything I ever attempted, whether it be track, football, weight training, or bodybuilding, I had only one thing on my mind, and that was to be the absolute best version of myself I could possibly be.


I’m a top fifteen finisher at the NPC National Level of Bodybuilding Competition for the Last thirteen years; most recently taking 2nd in 2015, just missing professional IFBB status. Exercise, fitness, and helping others through this medium are everything to me. I believe all things are possible when you make health & fitness your first priority.

Personal Commitment

Being a success over the last 18 years working in the Fitness Industry has been mostly because of my desire to innovate, educate, and raise the bar in professional personal training, nutrition, and every aspect of my life. This allows me to take clients to new personal levels, showing them how much more they have in them to achieve the highest of aspirations for themselves. Constantly working to give lasting applicable knowledge and helping them to achieve a higher quality of life.

I set ONE Primary Goal… to be one of the best in the industry, producing lasting results for my clients, and helping people achieve the ultimate level of health and fitness  they’ve always dreamed of.

Being a professional trainer has improved me as a person, it’s helped me hone my consolidation skills, and planning of client programs such as nutrition, supplementation, and exercise so that they will complement each other in eliciting faster results. Those results coming in the way of muscle gains, fat loss, and endurance. In other words I can see the bigger picture, and the best way to get there.

As a Coach having great communication skills when it comes to training someone is one of, if not the most important, abilities you have to learn, understanding what you the client really wants to achieve. Proper communication will constantly bring about a greater interaction between you and myself. Being able to articulate what we’re trying to achieve, whether it be explaining the workings of performance nutrition, mind and muscle connection, the speed of rep, or angle, helps give a mental image and vision of what we’re trying to accomplish.



San Jacinto Community College.


Certification in Pre and Post Natal Training.


Certified Sport Nutrition, Certified Injury, and Sports Injury Rehabilitation.


Top 15 Finisher at the NPC National Level of Bodybuilding Competition for the Last 13 Years.


NFPT Certified in Senior Fitness Training.


Health & Fitness Lifestyle Counselor.


NFPT Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist.

At the End of the Day What it Really Boils Down To

“In today’s fast-paced world we all have a bit of the shiny silver spoon syndrome. Constantly surrounded by the newest and greatest gadget or the most tempting fast or junk foods, often times lured by the convenience they offer. With media, it’s often the ways in which we get our information or misinformation in the Health Industry.”

Often times we are blasted with a new celebrity diet plan, magic food pill, or pharmaceutical supplement that will provide us with “miracle weight loss.” This blurs the lines between what is real, healthy, and even damaging to us in the long term. We are surrounded and bombarded by information, but many people are confused, overwhelmed and lack the applicability, and motivation to make use of that information. This is why having a coach with the knowledge, and experience to guide you will help you stay on the right track to being your best.

“Education is the Key”

By investing in a online coach, or personal trainer,  not unlike what a person would do by paying a visit to a general practitioner; by having a online personal trainer, you are investing in something you cant quite put a price on your HEALTH. What I can teach you will PAY OFF MASSIVELY in the LONG RUN. Saving you thousands of dollars in medical issues, or medication over the course of your lifetime.

Welcome BarthBuilt Lifestyle Fitness! “Anything can be achieved if you believe it.”
– Bryan Barth



“If you are able to match his dedication and perseverance there is not a goal you cannot achieve.  His extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and clients provides the ideal foundation for success that brings about positive changes for a healthier lifestyle.”


“The training I have received from Bryan over this period has not only made a huge difference physically but also mentally by building my confidence and overall health and sense of well being.”


“Taking responsibility for my life and training with Bryan Barth are two of the most important and rewarding decisions of my life.”





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